Self-Pay & Bad Debt


Increase Patient Liability Collections and Drive Patient Loyalty Through a Positive Financial Experience

Your patients deserve a positive experience that extends beyond care through to post discharge activities of collections and communications. Our compassionate, educational approach to patient collections ensures our patient liability colleagues act as an extension of your facility to keep your reputation foremost when collecting on your behalf.


Our service delivery is grounded in dignity and respect. We employ Patient Advocates, a specialized position unique to Savista, to provide special attention to escalated patient concerns. We listen to your patients’ needs by enhancing communication modes and ensuring ease of making payments through eCommerce solutions that mirror their retail experience. We maximize collections with automation and account prioritization to create efficiencies and accelerate cash flow.

Our Self-Pay and Bad Debt Services will:

  • Create a positive patient experience that builds loyalty and increases collections.
  • Provide a digital-first approach to account resolution, meeting patients where they are.
  • Use efficient processes and automation to maximize productivity.
  • Identify trends, isolate root cause issues, and inform process improvement.
By the Numbers

Southern Hospital Facility


Identified on insurance accounts incorrectly flagged as self-pay


Collected in 8 months during height of COVID

By the Numbers

Northeast Health System


More in collections versus previous vendor


Of payments initiated through online portal


Consistent average collections rate for hospital, physician, one-day surgery and VNA

“I have patients calling me every day thanking me for going to this vendor.”

Executive Director, Revenue Cycle
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