Denial Management


Don’t Just Manage Denied Claims. Prevent Them.

How are you managing your denials today? Do you know where they're coming from? Do you have workflows in place to bring accounts to resolution? 1/3 of hospitals report an alarming denial rate of 10% or greater of all their claims, costing up to 2% of their net patient revenue. How do you compare?


Medical necessity, prior authorization, and registration errors are the leading causes of denials. While the majority of these are preventable, and up to 2/3 are recoverable, only 33% are appealed, often because of lack of skillset and resources. Providers need a robust denials management program to stop the leakage and a strategy to prevent them in the first place.

Our Denial Management program will:

  • Identify root cause of denials.
  • Develop best practice operational processes to avoid denials.
  • Reduce the volume of denials and write-offs.
  • Improve AR days.
  • Improve first pass pay rates.
  • Formulate a winning appeal process.
By the Numbers

Southwestern Health System Client Results


recovered, $17M ahead of cash goal


clearance of backlogged accounts from active work queues

“Outsourcing was absolutely the right call, and I would recommend it to other organizations that have similar problems, if nothing more than to help identify what the root causes of the denials are to avoid them going forward.”

VP Revenue Cycle
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