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Experienced, flexible and consultative revenue cycle management.

We provide operational transformation services and insights to acute and ambulatory facilities and systems. We enable our clients to navigate the biggest challenges in healthcare: quality clinical care with positive patient experiences and optimal financial results.
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Patient Engagement
Streamline patient touchpoints to reduce inefficiencies and increase patient satisfaction.
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Health Information Management
Ensure accurate and compliant clinical documentation to support patient care and acuity.
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Revenue Integrity
Identify and capture missing or inaccurate charges to avoid revenue leakage and safeguard compliance.
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Accounts Receivable Management
Ensure receivables are effectively and rapidly collected to drive revenue and reduce AR days.
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See the entire revenue cycle.
Optimize results.

Partnership Results:

39% point of service collection increase in first year of partnership

89% Reduction in DNFC from 8.8 to 1.0

130% increase in net payment reconciliation
110% average cash goal achieved
collected on aged small balance accounts
Each Savista partnership is flexible in scope and scaled precisely to the needs of your organization. We leverage and optimize your resources and technology to provide cost savings. We augment your teams with highly trained and experienced colleagues to drive value and meet goals. We keep you focused on the future with consultative services and actionable recommendations. The result: financial and operational outcomes that are consistent, compliant and best practice.

Inefficient processes and a decentralized financial clearance department

40% to 97%
Increased financial clearance rate
of OP denials reversed after appeal
Sharing our knowledge

30+ years of industry experience

Our knowledge of people and process optimization provide us the ability to foresee, anticipate and resolve revenue cycle challenges.

Solving our clients’ problems

330+ clients across 770+ facilities

As innovative and proactive problems solvers, we share our industry insights to assist our partners in producing industry-leading operational and financial outcomes.
Remaining flexible and agile

4,000+ remote and onsite colleagues

We are a nimble partner, providing tech-agnostic, scalable services to meet your needs and budget.
Partnering for patients

4.5M patient accounts managed in 2020

Rooted in a patient-centric approach, we view ourselves as an extension of your team and a partner in your patients’ health and wellness.

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