Low-Dollar AR

Collect Up To 15% of Outstanding Revenue

Is your organization avoiding dealing with low-dollar accounts receivables? While the volume is often much higher than regular AR and the dollar value for each account is low, cumulatively, there is a tremendous value in effectively managing and resolving these balances. Our data shows that up to 80% of open hospital insurance accounts fall under the low-dollar designation and account for up to 15% percent of outstanding revenue. That’s a lot.


With our low dollar AR services, every account has a resolution path upon placement to ensure the right resources are following up at the right time. We use carefully vetted automation to effectively manage a large volume of low balance accounts and ensure IS hurdles are identified to effectively implement the automation interface with RCM tools. We identify the best automated method including:


  • - API connections to payers for real time status
  • - Automated voice follow up technology
  • - Process automation for repetitive tasks


It's time to embrace low-dollar AR for the financial health of your organization. Why pass on collectible revenue? There is high value in creating a plan to collect low-dollar balances now, and it can be done effectively, efficiently, and profitably with the right partner.

Our Low-Dollar AR Services:

  • Use proprietary analytics to segment inventory and recommend a next step for each account
  • Route denied accounts to the resources best equipped to drive value
  • Supplement the workflow in your PAS to increase collectability and efficiency
  • Identifies accounts at risk for timely filing to ensure actions are taken in time
  • Channels accounts to the appropriate workstream for active follow up or automation
  • Aggressively works strategy to engage payers and drive faster collection timelines



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