How We Do It

Audits and Assessments

Through our Consultative Audits and Assessments, we work with you to understand current processes, issues and revenue cycle gaps. We can assess your revenue cycle from end to end, or target specific problem areas. We will identify and document changes to workflows and processes that will optimize and streamline your revenue cycle. At the end of the process you will clearly understand where your gaps and areas for opportunity lie, and you'll have a road map on how to correct them.

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Expert Staffing Solutions

We augment your existing workforce with our highly trained professionals and can manage targeted revenue cycle functions or your entire business office. Our seasoned professionals have extensive tenure, multiple accreditations, and proficiency across all patient accounting systems. We handle the burden of recruitment, training, and retention so you don’t have to.

Sometimes you need short-term expertise to address targeted problems or to fill resource gaps that occur during leadership recruitment, system conversion or centralization. Other times you need a long-term solution. Either way, you need a partner you can trust that delivers consistent financial and operational outcomes that exceed your goals.

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A Highly Trained and Experienced Workforce
With 20+ accreditations across the revenue cycle, including Epic certified trainers, Savista’s team is empowered to deliver unparalleled results. We are proud to have a most highly trained and experienced workforce.
Our experts are deployed to act as an extension of your team or facility while delivering recommendations and solutions for your toughest challenges. Our teams maintain process consistency, apply task automation where it improves efficiency, and optimize workflows allowing your colleagues to focus on higher priority tasks, and most importantly, your patients.

Global coders

All global coders have 4-year degrees


7 years

Coder team has an average of 7 years of experience


AR team

AR team has an average of 12 years of experience

Management Results

20% reduction in AR days, 34% reduction in denials, and 110% of cash goal collected