Capture Appropriate Reimbursement Through Improved Coding Accuracy and Audit

Are the consequences of inaccurate coding affecting your revenue? Coding is undoubtedly the most complex function of the revenue cycle, yet the most important for your financial health and the safety of your patients. Accurate, timely and appropriate coding records your patient’s care journey. It ensures all appropriate revenue is identified, reduces denied claims, decreases cost-to-collect and helps mitigate fraud risk while generating robust data for improved outcomes.


Benefit from the optimized performance that high quality coding experts can bring your operations. Whether we conduct an audit of your team, or we partially or fully outsource the coding function, securing skilled resources in this difficult labor market can help you overcome coding complexity.

Our Coding Audits will:

  • Provide inpatient, outpatient or professional audit.
  • Identify risk areas and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Implement industry standards and leading best practices.
  • Provide post audit education and mentoring programs.

Our Coding Services will:

  • Provide interim or long-term credentialled coding resource.
  • Perform backlog resolution.
  • Manage hospital-based or professional coding
  • Maintain a quality standard set at minimum of 95% accuracy.
  • Ensured regulatory compliance and up-to-date coding knowledge through education.
How Savista Delivers:

records coded annually


overall coding accuracy


years’ average auditor experience


records audited annually

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