Self-Pay & Bad Debt

Increase collections with a program based on customer service, account prioritization, patient education and visibility into performance.

Client Results

$5M in revenue in <1 year with increased patient satisfaction

Client Results

$8.7M more cash generated when compared with a competing vendor

Savista Operations

.005% patient complaint rate

Savista Operations

$328M in total recoveries in 2020

Audits, Assessment & Optimization

Maximize your patient collection program by evaluating workflow and technology to ensure effectiveness, compliance, and quality.

Targeted Support

Augment your current team or compare our results with your current vendor to ensure you are collecting at your fullest potential.


Source your entire patient liability function inclusive of statements, call center and quality assurance. We will proactively integrate best practices to create a patient-centered-program that enhances patient satisfaction while it increases cash.

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