Our Story

Who supports the business of healthcare? We do.

Every day, doctors and hospitals treat patients, restore health, and improve people’s lives. Behind the scenes—what the public doesn’t see—is a different story.

Providers – health systems, standalone hospitals, and other physician groups are challenged to capture accurate and complete coding and to reduce AR days while maximizing cash. Staffing shortages, inadequate processes and under-leveraged technology all contribute to these challenges.

That’s where we come in.


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We collaborate with clients to craft the right solution. Sometimes it’s finding a better way to use technology or people. Sometimes it’s innovating a new approach and bringing in additional resources. Sometimes it’s transitioning employees to our team and managing parts of their revenue cycle. It’s always flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient.

We succeed because we focus on communication. We don’t insist on our way; we find the right way.

We never forget that all of our efforts are ultimately in service of their patients’ care. We solve our clients’ business problems so they can serve their patients. When we are proactive partners, we are able to help our clients manage their revenue cycle operations and solve their business problems. In the long term, we help the business of healthcare.

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