Strategic Partnerships and Outsourcing to Confront Labor Shortages

As the onslaught of COVID-19 persists into a yet another calendar year, the healthcare sector remains entrenched in economic pressure. The Great Resignation of 2021 saw record numbers of people quitting their jobs amid the pandemic, with a whopping 4.5 million US workers resigning in November alone.1 According to data from the Bureau of Labor […]

Ensure Sustained Financial Growth with Effective Outsourcing

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The ongoing effects of the pandemic have spurred dramatic operational changes for healthcare providers, swiftly transforming the patient experience. From our growing reliance on telemedicine and contactless care, to the absence of elective surgeries throughout much of 2020, hospitals of late have justifiably pivoted from the norm while navigating unprecedented times. Amid the changing landscape, […]

Top 3 Biggest Revenue Cycle Challenges for Healthcare Organizations

healthcare revenue cycle management services & outsourcing

The healthcare management space remains fluid and dynamic as new industry trends continue to surface in the wake of the global pandemic. It’s no surprise that demand for healthcare revenue cycle management expertise is potent as ever, given the tremendous financial pressures at play for today’s hospitals and providers. From a business standpoint, maintaining a […]

Leveraging Outsourcing to Optimize Financial and Operational Outcomes

savista healthcare revenue cycle management outsourcing services

Outsourcing continues to gain widespread traction throughout the healthcare industry. Contracting certain business functions to external partners has become a boon for healthcare organizations looking to cut costs, increase efficiency, and keep up with the changeable commercial landscape. The ongoing impacts of the pandemic have notably increased the demand for outsourcing even further, and the […]