COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) Renewed. Medicaid Coverage Extended Once Again.

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April 13, 2022: Recently Reuters reported that the COVID-19 PHE has been renewed. The extension allows “millions of Americans to keep getting free tests, vaccines and treatments for at least three more months,” according to the news agency. Reuters also reported that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had said in a statement […]

Social determinants of health and value-based reimbursement

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Two of the biggest trends in modern health policy are shaping the evolution of today’s Medicaid programs. For starters, the shift towards value-based payment (VBP) is helping providers address health-related factors beyond a patient’s immediate need for care. Along with an increasing emphasis on social determinants of health, this shift is laying the groundwork to […]

Minimizing Financial Risk in a Consumer-Driven Environment

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When examining today’s consumer-driven approach to healthcare, there are multiple factors to consider in order to minimize financial risk and ensure appropriate reimbursement. Understanding your patients is the first step. Patients have gained increased control in the business of healthcare over the years, especially given the expansion of virtualization as a fixture within the current […]

Ensuring Sustainable Revenue Cycle Health At Skilled Nursing Facilities

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With a focus on cutting costs, today’s payers are looking closely at site of care when it comes to treatment options. Hospitals are among the most expensive sites of care, prompting a general shift towards skilled nursing facilities (SNF) as an alternative. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, the average cost of most hospital stays is […]

Maximizing Eligibility and Enrollment Through Virtual Technology Watch the Modern Healthcare webinar replay featuring Savista revenue cycle management experts and see how your healthcare organization can enhance healthcare Eligibility and Enrollment today. During this virtual webinar, Laxmi Patel and Aimee Newson discuss how, given current and future economic unknowns, healthcare providers must identify Eligibility and Enrollment solutions that best meet the […]

Are Medicaid eligibility requirements negatively impacting your bottom line?

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With limited income and resources, a significant portion of today’s population depends on Medicaid for assistance with mounting healthcare costs. At the same time, Medicaid’s complexity leaves many qualified patients confused as to how to achieve and maintain coverage. For starters, Medicaid eligibility requirements can vary considerably based on one’s state of residence, age group, […]

Drive Revenue with a Patient-First Approach

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Savvy hospitals and health systems are trending towards the tenets of consumerism as they look to cultivate a more patient-centric approach. In the interest of the patient, healthcare organizations are steadily adopting more “retail-like” behaviors, including 24-hour scheduling and other services that operate around the clock. A recent research study signals that consumer culture is […]

Opportunities for Virtualization in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

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Due to the persistence of COVID-19, today’s healthcare environment relies heavily on telehealth as a viable – and often preferred – option for routine patient care. It’s no secret that the onslaught of the pandemic prompted providers nationwide to transition from in-person healthcare services to telephone and video exchanges. With safety top of mind, the […]

Want to be patient-centric? Expand Eligibility and Enrollment Services

In today’s health care environment of shrinking reimbursement dollars, what does it mean to be patient-centric, especially for those whose patient status is uninsured? Although it may sound like just another buzzword, it’s really about adopting a mindset focused on ways to uniquely support all patients and strive for complete patient satisfaction in every way […]