Denial Management

Increase reimbursement, staunch revenue loss, and reduce your cost-to-collect by resolving and preventing denied claims.

Client Results

49.9% increase in denial collections realized in one year

Client Results

Client nearly triples collections and payments in 6 months for clinical denials

Savista Operations

Specialized team consisting of expert clinicians

Savista Operations

$35M denials overturned annually; 66% success rate on clinical/medical necessity appeals

Audits, Assessments & Optimization

Identify and improve process issues that result in denied claims, higher AR days, increased expense and revenue leakage.

Interim Leadership & Targeted Support

Rely on experienced leaders to oversee your denial process on an interim basis or deploy a dedicated team to appeal and overturn denials.


Engage Savista to establish and execute a robust, sustainable denial management program that tackles clinical and administrative denials and uncovers root cause issues to mitigate future denials.

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