Want to Shore Up a Sagging Bottom Line? Start With Your Chargemaster

Savista healthcare chargemaster solutions for bottom line improvement

Up to 1% of net patient revenue is lost due to deficient charge capture processes. According to the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) April 29, 2022, the charge description master, or CDM, is a major source of revenue leakage for healthcare providers. Understanding the connection between financial stability and CDM viability appears to be recognized […]

CDM Conversion Strategy: Savvy Steps For PAS Success

Savista CDM conversion strategy for PAS success

Healthcare providers can relate to the huge investment of a new patient accounting system, or PAS. The time, money and resources required plus the expected dip in financial performance during transition – it’s a lot. Which makes managing the dip and reducing recovery time after go live a primary goal. Too often, unforeseen issues present […]

7 Strategies to Boost Revenue Cycle Integrity and Performance

Making improvements to the revenue cycle is an evergreen effort for health care providers who understand the importance of continual outcome growth and patient satisfaction. Key to strengthening revenue cycle performance is a strong revenue integrity program. Here, we suggest seven key strategies in the middle of the health care revenue cycle that, when implemented […]