Audit, Assessment & Optimization

Determine your strategic direction and develop short, mid-range and long term improvement plans that lay the path to goal achievement.

Patient Engagment
Build a solid foundation to financially clear your patients, secure coverage for those you can’t, and create a respectful collection process for those with remaining liability.
Health Information Management
Documentation audits and process optimization improve patient record keeping, inform coding education needs, facilitate timely claims payments, and improve patient care.
Revenue Integrity
Establish a foundational charge description master through analysis and standardization that align it with local benchmarks and assesses charging practices.
Accounts Receivable Management
Understand your billing, receivables and denials processes or make a plan for complex regulatory changes, changing payment models, and increased patient liability.

True partnership delivers better results.

We’re ready—ready to listen, ready to innovate, ready to implement. A Savista partnership provides as little or as much support as you need.

Whether a targeted audit or complete revenue cycle optimization, we help you build a foundation for improved revenue cycle processes and financial outcomes by identifying and quantifying the impacts of your opportunities.

The result: compliant, industry-leading financial and operational outcomes—and peace of mind that you have the right partner.


$24M reduction in denials and $10M cash impact

from payor compliance over 90 days through denials prevention, DNFB, vendor management and interim leadership.


“The quality of the work from [Savista] is superlative

…we have been able to institute material changes to help [us] avoid future denials. Without the [Savista] inspired changes, [we] would have experienced material negative impact to our bottom line in 2020 and beyond.”

– Director of Contract Reimbursement


20+% increase in coding accuracy rate

96.6% coding accuracy, up from 76.2%, after audit and coder education


New revenue opportunities of $1.2M gross

11% average monthly increase in charge capture improvement over a 12-month period with a CDM compliance review

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