Boost Your Margin: An Optimized CDM Drives Revenue

The CDM is the revenue cycle powerhouse supporting cost-recovery, reimbursement, price defensibility, and competitive market fees. Conducting a comprehensive CDM assessment and developing a well-designed maintenance program it is undoubtably one of the best tools available to achieve improved financial performance. Understand how:
  • a non-compliant CDM can spawn billing errors and overpayments.
  • to reduce compliance risk and denials, decrease cost-to-collect and improve timely billing.
  • a compliant and correct CDM does not equate completeness.

Savista Chargemaster Support

  • CDM structure and compliance to ensure defensibility and accuracy.
  • Ongoing CDM maintenance and expertise to support in-house resources.
  • Strategic pricing and reimbursement benchmarking to align with your market and drive revenue.
  • System conversion support to build a strong CDM foundation and facilitate a smooth CDM transition.

Our experience is our difference:

  • 30+ years of experience
  • 25+ years average consulting experience for our CDM professionals
  • 5+ unique accreditations including certifications in coding, compliance,
    and clinical documentation

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Boost Your Margin: An Optimized CDM Drives Revenue