Strategic Pricing

Confirm charge alignment with industry standards and the local market.

Client Results

Optimized charges to yield over $6.2m in net revenue while maintaining overall gross revenue neutrality

Client Results

Prices on shoppable services decreased by 8%- 12% overall while increasing net revenuethrough strategic adjustments to prices on less consumer sensitive services

Savista Operations

Benchmarks cover 100% of IP and OP services, including non-CPT coded items

Savista Operations

20+ years of hospital CDM pricing experience

Audits, Assessment & Optimization

Better position your organization within its respective market with a detailed analysis of proprietary benchmark data, payor mix sensitivities and strategic price modeling.

Interim Leadership & Targeted Support

Maximize charge-based net revenue utilizing custom benchmarks and payer mix sensitivities including stop-loss case review.


Utilize recurring assessments and evaluations across payers and competitors to continually maximize pricing and revenue capture.

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