The No Surprises Act rules go into effect January 1, 2022.

Are you prepared?

  • Starting January 1, 2022, patients may not receive a “surprise bill” from a provider that they did not choose or did not know was not participating in their insurance plan.
  • Bans out-of-network providers from billing commercially insured patients an amount greater than if they had been an in-network provider.
  • Applies to facilities and healthcare providers rendering emergency and non-emergency care in hospitals and emergency rooms.
Download our No Surprises Act Market Update for more details and/or our No Surprises Act Checklist for steps to take into consideration when preparing for this important regulation.

How can Savista help?

Savista can partner to address the challenges of complying with the No Surprise Act. We assist with document creation, review of processes, education, development of a payment appeal policy and recommendations for oversight.

About Savista

We assist our clients in navigating one of the biggest challenges in healthcare—revenue cycle management, by providing operational transformation services and insights to acute and ambulatory facilities and systems.