New Debt Collection Practices (Regulation F) rules go into effect November 30, 2021.

Are you prepared?

  • These new debt collection rules finalized by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (cfpb) require significant action be taken by healthcare providers before November 30, 2021.
  • Rules 1 & 2 focus on Communication and Disclosure and require providers make process and documentation decisions and provide the necessary information to their collection agencies.
  • Failure to do so results in compliance risks, legal exposure, or the cessation of debt collection.
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Savista is proactively addressing Regulation F with our Bad Debt clients

To eliminate significant downtime in collections, we are:
  1. Requesting the requisite data elements to comply with Regulation F from our clients.
  2. Mailing validation notices upon placement; complying with initial communication requirements.
  3. Sending a MVN utilizes the protections the template affords our clients and us.
  4. Launching electronic disputes

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