Eligibility and Enrollment is changing. Are you ready?
Medicaid is expanding. Patient eligibility is changing constantly. COVID is driving virtualization. Payment models are making a value-based shift. Social determinants are influencing health equity. How can you be prepared for these changes? How should you be thinking “outside the box” to leverage these changes for revenue cycle improvement?
To learn how to think “outside the box” to leverage these critical changes in Eligibility and Enrollment, download our whitepaper.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • Why a virtual eligibility and enrollment program is valuable beyond COVID
  • How advanced segmentation creates a tailored revenue cycle experience for the patient
  • How to leverage service level agreements to alleviate your financial risk for patients transferring to long term care
  • The importance of recurring enrollment for Medicaid for those eligible for government programs
  • How an eligibility and enrollment program supports the social determinants of health

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