Is your chargemaster ready for the new system go live?

Due to competing priorities and the resource drain experienced during a conversion, a comprehensive CDM conversion strategy is often neglected or relegated to an afterthought exercise. Learn how to promote a strategy that:

  • Proactively manages the financial performance dip and reduces recovery time post transition.
  • Promotes revenue integrity and reduces staff frustration.
  • Supports proper charging structure conversion (e.g. flat rate vs time or acuity-based).

Savista Chargemaster Support

  • System conversion support to build a strong CDM foundation and facilitate a
    smooth CDM transition.
  • Strategic pricing and reimbursement benchmarking to align with your
    market and drive revenue.
  • CDM structure and compliance to ensure defensibility and accuracy.
  • Ongoing CDM maintenance and expertise to support in-house resources.

Our experience is our difference:

  • 30+ years of experience
  • 25+ of years average consulting experience for our CDM professionals
  • 5+ unique accreditations including certifications in coding, compliance, and clinical documentation 

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Is your CDM ready for go live? Prepare your charge description master for a system conversion.