Is your chargemaster best positioned for your market?

The introduction of price transparency regulations and increased prevalence of high deductible health plans, hospital chargemasters have become price comparison tools. A combination of charge and reimbursement benchmarking ensures you are well-positioned within your market.

Learn how to use price transparency data to:

  • Benchmark charges against market pricing to gain insight on adjusting prices for high volume services to drive patient visits.
  • Tap into competitor reimbursement rates – providing intel for negotiating lower rates of certain services to drive volume and higher rates in other, less cost-sensitive areas to remain net revenue neutral or net revenue positive.

Savista Chargemaster Support

  • Strategic pricing and reimbursement benchmarking to align with your market and drive revenue.
  • CDM structure and compliance to ensure defensibility and accuracy.
  • System conversion support to build a strong CDM foundation and facilitate a smooth CDM transition.
  • Ongoing CDM maintenance and expertise to support in-house resources.

Our experience is our difference:

  • 30+ years of experience
  • 25+ of years average consulting experience for our CDM professionals
  • 5+ unique accreditations including certifications in coding, compliance, and clinical documentation 

Download the Whitepaper Charge and Reimbursement Benchmarking: Make the Most of Transparency Data