Frequently Asked Questions
About Transition

from nThrive Services/SSG to Savista.

We are excited about this fresh start as a services organization focused solely on delivering healthcare revenue cycle solutions. In January 2021, Clearlake Capital acquired the Technology Division of nThrive while Services continued as a standalone organization under Pamplona Capital. Now, we are completing our transition with a new brand identity to distinguish our organization as a standalone company.
No. With Brenda Cline as our CEO, our leadership team continues to grow and move the organization forward.
Savista is originated from the French word ‘savoir’ which translates as ‘knowledge’ or to ‘know how.’ The second syllable is ‘vista’ meaning a broad landscape or long view. Together, Savista suggests a knowledgeable company that supports clients for the long term. We think it describes who we are quite well – an organization with over thirty years of expertise in supporting the business of healthcare.
Our focus. It is more collaborative and targeted. We continue to offer a portfolio of services that support your full revenue cycle from Patient Engagement, Health Information Management, Revenue Integrity and Accounts Receivable Management, as well as Cancer Registry. Our services are built on our three decades of experience and delivered with the expertise of our team. We proactively collaborate with you to design the right solution to precisely meet your specific needs. Whether it is finding an effective and efficient way to use your technology, updating processes, innovating a new approach, bringing in additional resources or managing parts, or all, of the revenue cycle. Our solutions are always flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.
Savista’s focus is on services for healthcare revenue cycle operations to help our clients improve financial performance and the overall patient experience. We are technology-agnostic which means we can overlay our services and proven processes with any technology our clients use.
Please visit our new website at Your current contact at Savista is also looking forward to sharing more information about our exciting brand journey.
No, all of your points of contact will continue to stay the same.
It does not have any impact on your current agreement. If you recall, we took action in October 2020 to separate contracts from nThrive Technology. In June, we’ll notify clients’ Accounts Payable departments of the name change on invoicing, effective with the July invoice, but this does not have any impact on in-place contracts.
This is the next phase of that transition. In January, we became an independent organization as a result of nThrive Technology being acquired by Clearlake Capital. We began operating our services business under the legal name of SSG, LLC while we conducted our brand identity project. Now, we are excited to announce our brand identity – Savista. As Savista, we will continue to focus on delivering revenue cycle services to you, our healthcare clients, and to growing our services to meet your organizations’ challenges.