Payment Variance

Prevent lost revenue by ensuring payor payments are correct and identifying root causes of inaccurate reimbursement.

Client Results

$1.4M collected in <6 months

Client Results

>$12M discovered and collected on previously written off accounts for multiple community hospitals

Savista Operations

37+ years of payment variance recovery experience

Savista Operations

$128m payment variance recoveries in 2020

Audits, Assessments & Optimization

Assess all opportunities for revenue recovery with recommendations that go beyond “easy wins.”

Interim Leadership & Targeted Support

Engage expertise to assess contracts for revenue leakage and provide strategic analysis of contract language changes to impact net AR. Deploy an experienced team to review paid claims for accurate payment.


Partner with Savista experts to design a program that identifies payment variances in all contexts; under and overpayments, discount compliance, transfer DRG and contract compliance; resolves payor issues, uncovers opportunities and improves financial performance.

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