Accounts Receivable Management

Drive revenue and reduce AR days –ensure receivables are effectively and rapidly collected.
AR Services
Prevent lost or delayed revenue with process-driven predictable, consistent cash collections and regular, clear reporting on performance and inventory.
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Denial Management
Resolve and dispute denied claims with clinical experts. Prevent future denials, increase payment recovery and reduce the cost to collect.
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Payment Variance
Reveal root cause of variances and provide a foundation for modeling future contracts, all while proactively driving expected reimbursement.
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$16.7M collected in 4 months,
achieving 207% of client goal

49.9% increase in denial collections
realized in one year

>$12M discovered and collected on previously written off accounts for multiple community hospitals

Maintain maximum cash flow into your organization by minimizing the time and cost associated to collect.

Ensure the right account is worked at the right time by the right resource. Generate visibility into denial root causes and payor issues to quickly resolve all open accounts and recover all payments due to your organization.
Problems Solved

Work the right account at the right time with the right resources.

Using scalable processes and expert resources ensures receivables are reconciled and converted to cash quickly and accurately. Find the root cause of denials and payor issues to not only collect what is owed today, but improve the process for future accounts.
The client was suffering a revenue decline and a growing volume of at-risk patients.

Client realizes collections increase

in all service areas during the COVID-19 pandemic

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